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Book #: 1
Page #: 6

Original Art

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Elektra: Assassin
Story by: Frank Miller
Artwork by: Bill Sienkiewicz

Artwork Medium: watercolor on paper
Date Created: 1985/1986

Publication Date: August 1986
Publisher:EPIC Comics, Marvel Comics Group

Original Art Size: 11"x17"

Printed Size: 7"x10"

Printed Comic Page

Printed Page

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Elektra, a Musical tragedy in one Act
an opera by Richard Strauss

The opera opens with women mocking Electra at the court of Mycanae. She appears dressed in rags and hurling abuse. Her first monologue starts like all opera monologues: "Alone, all alone!" and she tenderly calls her father, Agamemnon.

The Death Mask of Agamemnon

W&P ExhibitElektra Assassin
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