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Page #: 11

Original Art

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Elektra: Assassin
Story by: Frank Miller
Artwork by: Bill Sienkiewicz

Artwork Medium: watercolor on paper
Date Created: 1985/1986

Publication Date: August 1986
Publisher:EPIC Comics, Marvel Comics Group

Original Art Size: 11"x17"

Printed Size: 7"x10"

Printed Comic Page

Printed Page

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Medium - The liquid in which pigment is ground in the manufacture of paints. However, the term is frequently used more broadly (as here) to mean the method in which an artist works. Oil painting, watercolor, gouache, pencil and chalk are all media in this sense; so are clay, bronze, stone and other materials. By extension in the same sense, it can also refer to the various forms of art; painting, drawing or sculpture.

Watercolor - The technique of laying on color with pigments bound with a water-soluble medium, usually gum. It is therefore a transparent medium as opposed to the opaque characteristics of oils, pastels, temperas or gouache.

Excerpted from Dictionary of Fine Arts
By Denis Thomas
© 1981, Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited

W&P ExhibitElektra Assassin
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