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Original Art

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Elektra: Assassin
Story by: Frank Miller
Artwork by: Bill Sienkiewicz

Artwork Medium: watercolor on paper
Date Created: 1985/1986

Publication Date: August 1986
Publisher:EPIC Comics, Marvel Comics Group

Original Art Size: 11"x17"

Printed Size: 7"x10"

Printed Comic Page

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Bill Sienkiewicz
Biographical/ Career information

Full Name: Boleslaw (William) Felix Robert Sienkiewicz
Born: May 3, 1958 Blakely, PA.
Attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts.

Bill Sienkiewicz has had a major impact on the field of comic books with his innovative use of collage, illustration techniques and storytelling. He has won nearly every major award in the U.S. and abroad, and has exhibited his art worldwide.

Among his works are the series Elektra: Assassin for which he received the prestigious Yellow Kid Award, the critically acclaimed Stray Toasters, which he wrote and illustrated, and countless others.

His non-comic book work includes work on the film Unforgiven, and the animated series Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, for which he received two Emmy nominations. He produced the artwork for the critically acclaimed illustrated biography on Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix, published by Viking Penguin. A children’s book, the autobiography of Santa Claus, entitled Santa, My Life and Times, published by Avon Books. His latest project, A River in Egypt, was published by Oni Press. He is currently working on his next series, an anthology, under the working title of Vuja de, plus an anniversary re-release of Stray Toasters. He and Frank Miller are reuniting to collaborate on a new series, tentatively entitled Drop Dead, as in: "Drop Dead Gorgeous". He is also working on his next web project for the creators of The Matrix.

W&P ExhibitElektra Assassin
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