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Manga and Anime from Japan,Editorial cartoons from India & details about the upcoming Theran cartoon festival
Know of a homepage for publishers or creators from Asia or the Middle East Submit the site today.

Japanese animation on VHS and laser disc.

Travelling to Japan? Want to know where to buy comics and how to ask for them in Japanese? This site's for you.

Check-list of Japanese animated figures (anime) produced in Japan since 1917. The objective is to provide a complete census of all existing anime with charts analyzing trends in the anime industry.

Anime Expo is the largest convention devoted to Japanese animation and manga (comics) in the United States. Hosted by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation. Expo 2001 will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center, July 5 - 8, 2001

Monthly magazine for anime fans.

Online retailer of anime and manga, based in Melbourne,Australia.

Website dedicated to X-man Gambit. Do you wanna play with Gambit?

Singapore promoter of comics and books on Chinese philosophy, history, art and literature.

the first Palestinian cartoon website-political&editorial cartoons-daily cartoon-archive-gallery"oil painting"-links

Spice it up with Cartoonopia, the online haven of Arab cartoonists

Online comic book store with new Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and independent comic books along with back issue comics. New comic books added every Wednesday.

Comics retail store in Singapore.

The Dreams of the Red Chamber,considered as the greatest novel of Chinese literature,tells us a love tragedy.The mainline of the novel is the love story between Jia Bao yu and Lin Dai Yu with prosperity and collapse of Jia's faimily as its background.

Publishers of cutting-edge underground comics, based in the Philippines. Creators of the cyberpunk / dark fantasy comicbook BAYLANS.

An anime cosplay team that attends, participates and reports anime related conventions throughout the year.

An online manga entertainment site providing top quality free online manga created by Americans.

Online magazine which bills itself as The Online World of Anime and Manga.

Japanese Manga/Anime publishers and distributors with entire site available in Japanese, Korean and English. Includes links and homepages for creators and titles.

Shekhar Gurera's Gallery: A Complete Sketch of Indian Politics and Society, Contains a series of popular editorial pocket cartoons, sketches and caricatures featuring public figures, 30 plus Future Lens, Humor related Links.

The Information Center of Iranian Cartoonists on the Web

Ismail Kar:Turkish cartoonist, illustrator and art teacher..Web site features his work for international cartoons and super links to museums,associations and magazines.

Highly educational site created by Frederik L. Schodt, the author of Manga!Manga!, The World of Japanese Comics.

Ismail KAR, was born in Adana-Turkey, 1962. He graduated from Uludag Universty-Faculty of Education, department of Picture-Graphic in Bursa-Turkey. His first cartoon was edited in a youth magazines in 1979. He worked at newspapers, magazines as a cartoonist, a graphicer and a page secretary. He opened his private exhibition in Bursa Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi (Bursa Fine Art Gallery of Government) in 1984. He joined some different exhibitions as private and mixed in Turkey and abroad and his cartoons were edited in some international catalogs and he took some rewards. He still works as an art teacher in Seyhan-Adana-Turkey. He is a member of Turkish Cartoonist Association." Cartoonists Rights Network South East Europe "National CRN organizations 's Türkiye representing . USA- APCA (Amateur-Professional Cartoonists Association ) members.

Web-site creation, e-commerce, web marketing, and entertainment and business

A search engine dedicated to Manga.

Omiya Municipal Cartoon Art Museum, Japan

Offers links to dozens of published Persian cartoonists.

The official Pokemon site from Nintendo of America.

India's first website devoted to cartooning. Contains 'Under The Pyramid' management cartoons by Priya Raj and much more....

Online reviews, product information and links.

This ring was formed to find links to manga sites only. No anime allowed!

Dedicated to promoting artistic and literary works by and about Asian Americans.

The Romance of Three Kingdoms tells us a history of the late Han dynasty.After the Huang Jin uprising, there were many warlords. Through decades of chaos there were three countries--Wei Shu and Wu kingdom.Soon Si Ma family got the power of Wei Kingdom and found Jin dynasty.Finally Jin unified the country.

"Western Chamber" tells that a young scholar Chang Sheng went to captical city to take the examination. When he stayed in a temple,he met Ying-ying--the daughter of the minister and fell in love with her.At that time,a group of robbers besieged them. Ying-ying's mother declared that she would marry her daughter to who could save them.Chang Sheng managed to do that with his friend's help.But her mother refused to keep her words because he was poor.While Ying-ying and Chang Sheng loved each other very much.With the help of Hong Niang,they broke the traditional barrier.

Where Filipino Comic Book Heroes Strut Their Their Stuff!

All products and publications related to Shi.

Looking for ANIME? This is one website that you don't want to miss.

Official website of the Lebanese cartoonist Stavro Jabra.The first on-line cartoons, caricatures, illustrations, humor and satire site in Lebanon and the Mideast.Regulary updated and archived colletion.

Translators of manga for publication in the English language. Site includes a super links page of well researched sites.

"Tale of Water Margin" or "Water Margin" is known as the four greatest Chinese novels with "The Monkey King","Dream of the Red Chamber" and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It told us stories about a group of heroes. They were oppressed by the corrupt and unjust officials and forced to rise up.

Host of the Iranian International Cartoon Festival
The Fifth Tehran Cartoon Biennial
October - November 2001

"Immigration" is the theme for the cartoonists' top works, which will be judged by a jury comprised of Iranian and international members. Portrait caricature comprises part of this exhibition. A related seminar is conducted by prominent Iranian and non-Iranian artists.

The official website for The Celestial Zone Comics. It offers an online store, forums, fan's arts, ecards & more...

Looking for Filipino art works? Like STONE, HELLCOP and others? or just a Marvel, DC, Anime, and Manga fans? Well, you're in the right place! Check it out!

The Golden Lotus is a novel that represents the daily life of ancient Chinese. It is a very great novel disclose the nature of human beings.

Use 100 Chinese painting style comic strips to describe one of the most famous Chinese novels--"The Monkey King" based on a true story of a Chinese monk, Xuan Zang, who travelled on foot to what is today India to seek for the Sutra, the Buddhist holy book.

The Peony Pavilion is a fantastic love story.It tells a girl --Du Li Niang had a dream while visiting a garden.she dreamed of a handsome young man and fell in love with him.After she woke up,she kept missing the man and had the lovesickness. She was so spoony that she was dead soon.But her soul kept on looking for her lover.Three years later,the young man came to her tomb.He opened her coffin and saved her.At last they happily lived together.

seemingly eveything you wanted to know about cartooning in Turkey

Viz is the leading US publisher of Japanese animation and comics.

Korean Publisher of comics and children's books.


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