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A brand new comic and games store located in Northampton Massachusetts. Also home to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the Xeric Foundation, Mirage Studios and Heavy Metal Magazine. This store is well stocked, light, clean and staffed by an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly crew.

Words & Pictures gives Modern Myths our highest reccomendation - check them out!!

All the best in comic art, art books, animation, vintage pin-up prints and erotic art. We have trading card sets, videos, figurines and statues, calendars, glamour girls, pulps and paperback art, nude photography and illustration books. a

WHAT IS 2000 AD?

2000 AD is Britain's cult sci-fi comic, and has been at the cutting edge of contemporary pop culture since 1977. It's a multi-award winning cocktail of explosive sci-fi and fantasy, infused with a mean streak of irony and wry black humour. Imaginative, hard-hitting stories and eye-popping art have made 2000 AD essential reading for its legion of fiercely loyal fans for 25 years now.

2000 AD has been a proving ground for the finest young writers and artists of the generation, and many of the biggest names in comics today honed their skills within its pages. It has become synonymous with the very finest in comics art, and has won the Best British Comic award at the UK Comic Art Awards, National Comics Awards and Eagle Awards too many times to list.

Over a quarter of a century, 2000 AD has created literally hundreds memorable comic book characters. Their lasting appeal has been proven not only in the ultra-competitive world of comics publishing, but also by numerous merchandise deals including movies, computer games, radio plays, action figures and merchandising.

an independent small press publisher hailing from just outside of Detroit, Michigan. 5PC is currently comprised of a close knit group of a half dozen creators hailing from America's Midwest. Each of them work on their own individual projects, and collectively pool their talent, ideas, time, and energy to produce, market, and distribute their own brand of unique and entertaining stories.

Our own comic (A BIT OFF) has been growing very quickly this year, but we have constantly been slammed by road blocks. The biggest being the nearly absolute dependence newspapers have on syndicates to supply their comics. My business partner and I came to the conclusion that we are probably not the only independent creators who've experienced this problem so we decided to develop a monthly PRINT magazine featuring comics that would suit mainstream newspapers. By throwing this magazine at the general populous we are hoping that it'll draw attention to comics that are leaps and bounds more entertaining than the fair currently gracing the funnies page. Our plan is to make the magazine free and pay for printing, distribution and promotion through advertising space in the magazine. So, if anyone is interested in submitting content for this magazine send your sample(s) to:J.Sheardown

home of Donna Barr's comics.

The most popular daily comic strip on the web. To be featured in Wizard's Independant Special, Feb 2002.

A. Silent Comics home page featuring Wizard Magazine's "ON THE EDGE / PICK OF THE MONTH" Arsenic Lullaby by Douglas Paskiewicz.

Super new online comic from the creators of DreamWalker.

Publishers of Quantum and Woody, Shadowman, Deadside and Turok.

UK based, advance order specialist.

Acetylene Studios is a Boston based publisher. Current publications include Vesper, Dystopia and B.U.G.G.'s. Acetylene is working with terrific contemporary creators including James O'Barr, Hannibal King, Gus Vasquez, Jack Purcell, Rob Hunter and the Shiflett Brothers.
Online store and plenty of preview information and images available at this terrific newly revamped site.

publisher and distributor of Mike Manley’s comics.

The official web site of Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert & Coworkers!

Home of Shannon Wheelers "Too Much Coffee Man".

French comic distributor, site includes online shopping for limited edition prints.

Site features a wide variety of art, from high-end, hard to find Silver Age pieces to lower priced pages and sketches

An idependent, small press publisher of comic zines.

home of AC Farley.

The Draw 50 series shows aspiring artists how to draw with ease, following a step-by-step method. Acclaimed author-illustrator Lee J. Ames shows us how to draw people, animals, vehicles, cartoons and caricatures in this award-winning series of books.

Lee J. Ames' drawing method has proven successful for children and adults alike. There are currently more than twenty books in the Draw 50 series, with more than two million copies sold.

Tragic Heroes, League of Super Groovy Cimefighters, Crusader Faith, Logan and the Bunny Squadron. New features include a daily e-mail comic.

WHISTLE BLOWER: It started as a three issue series. However, it might be as many as eight issues. It is a story about individual who informed the government that his employer was committed fraud. Only to learn that the government side with company

Walt Disney , Warner Brothers , Hanna-Barbera , Chuck Jones , Friz Freleng , Walter Lantz , Don Bluth , Winsor McCay , Charles Schulz , Ralph Bakshi , Dr. Seuss .. and many more

Online retailer of anime and manga, based in Melbourne,Australia.

Diamond Comics online, site includes comic shop locator, Daily Buzz... and secure on-line shopping.

The place to find updates on upcoming Approbation titles such as the Vampires Unlimited (urban/horror), the Expeditionaries (adventure/fantasy), the Upstarts (teen superhero), and more!

We have a wide selection of comics, merchandise, trading cards, toys, and previews (pre order) items. Real time credit card processing.

Comics the digital way. The original interactive online comic book. Serving the finest in pixel based comics since 1995!

The Harvey Award Nominated funny book Arsenic Lullaby will restart in June under the label of AAA Milwaukee Publishing.

Fan Designed and Run site dedicated to Art Adams and the work he has done. The most up to date checklist of his work online.

Why settle for the plain ol' boring checks you get from your bank? Art!Checks feature the gripping and compelling full color artwork from artists like Derek Hess, Frank Kozik, and Shag. Each artist has four different designs to choose from and these images are also available on personalized return address labels, cotton checkbook covers, and mouse pads. Art!Checks are real checks featuring full security features and are accepted at all U.S. financial institutions.

Home of artist Jessica Abel.

European comics-art on-line. From limited silkscreen prints through resin figurines, to porfolios and prints. Colectors items in european comic art

Find on our side, the most representative collection of Comic Art, from our Edition "Art Moderne" We excist for twenty years, and besides all type of items, we are in Europe the biggest litho, and silkscreen publisher... just have a look! Thanks!

Singapore promoter of comics and books on Chinese philosophy, history, art and literature.

Brought to you by Steve Conley.

The Official website of comics publisher Asylum Press. Features news, online comics, web galleries, previews and more.

Chicago, IL store. Home of the informative 100 Greatest American Comic Book Artists of All Ttime list.

Baltimore, Maryland stores

super resources with links to self published creators homepages.

Original online comics featuring industry professionals and new talents. Short stories and ongoing series. A range of subject matter from sci-fi, superhero, and horror to dialogue driven tales. Creator owned properties, sketches and more.

Online comics, Free to read and formatted especially for the screen. Get away from the tacky sounds and animations on the net and enjoy simple sequential storytelling at it's best.

Home of M.Rex, Nine Rings of Wu-Tang, Hellcop, Stone, Jinn, Aria and The Wicked.

Fan Site: Dedicated to supporting the Avengers comic.

Four web comicographies (extensive listings of every single story and comic book published, with publication dates, authors/artists, page counts etc. Paul Chadwick's CONCRETE, Eddie Campbell's BACCHUS, Paul Grist's KANE and Mike Mignola's HELLBOY.

Supplies to protect book and art.

The oficial site of Dark Horse comic based in Mayan culture.

Site is still under construction but should be completed soon.

Houston, Texas based store with online ordering

Home of the weekly strip BEE and artist Jason Little.

Hamilton, Ontario store.

Digital playground for Katy-Do Hentai and other Billy K. creations... They're Big Fun!

Publishers of Strange Pirate Tales, Strange Fairy Tales and Strange Battle Tales. A unique feature of their comic books is that none are serialized. Each issue is a self contined complete story.

online ordering via North Vancouver, British Columbia store.

Maryland and Virginia stores

Online home of the western gothic graphic dime novel: THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA. A fantastically told tale by Barry Buchanan and Mike Hoffman.

The arrival of the new Millennium has ushered in a wave of paranormal phenomena. Ghosts, demons, yetis, vampires, lyncanthropes, altered humans, extra terrestrial and extra dimensional beings, now reveal themselves to the world and have started their malevolent reign of terror. One place that has become a hotspot of these supernatural activities is the city of New Eden. Fear not! A band of unique individuals has answered the call for help to protect the innocent people of New Eden and the world.They are THE STRANGE SQUAD!!!

The internet's only specialized free comic font archive, as well as an indy creator bulletin board and tutorials.

The online comic book publisher BloodStained Productions home and presence! With message boards, chat rooms, free e-mail service, columns, and of course their soon to come selection of web comics, these guys plan to stay for the long haul!

Tools and papers specifically designed for comics. Site also contains helpful hints and art tips and is home to Sketch Magazine.

Bobby Nenadovic's official site. Read stories, download FREE comicbook fonts, get tips on how it's done. Have fun.

Creator of "Melvin" & "Oxygen"

online catalog of works still available by the legendary Vaughn Bode.

Stunning and original personal gift items based on the artwork of world-renowned artist and illustrator, David Bollt. David's extraordinary work can be seen in galleries and private collections throughout the United States and Europe, as well as on the covers and inside the pages of scores of books and magazines.

Bills itself as "The premiere site for R. Crumb, Bode, underground art, rare comic books and popular cartoon characters".
Site offers original art for sale by R. Crumb, Vaughn and Mark Bode, Gilbert Shelton, Jim Woodring, S.Clay Wilson, Kim Deitch, Frank Stack and Trina.

Specializes in the production of magazines, brochures, comic books, posters, trading cards, and related items.

Small print run specialist. Site nicely explains pricing and printing preparation. Prints only All-Ages comics.

Canada's fastest growing provider of printed products and related media services.

What is the Small Publishers Co-Op? Based in Sarasota, Florida, but Co-Op Membership is nation wide. Joined together to create economies of scale by pooling print runs, creating savings normally reserved only to large-scale publishers.

Sight devoted to the original graphic novel series, Buster's Neighbourhood.

24 part online graphic novel with chilling effects, music and storyline.
Thi is the coolest site we've seen in a long time. Spend an evening exploring this site.

Entertainment Weekly : "Editor's Choice: Eye-popping....innovative...mesmerizing. A-"

TIME.com: "One of the 40 Best sites you've never heard of!"

A serial daily comic strip about a young woman daling with important social and issues of our time. Emotional, yet in the daily-strip format with light "joke" etc for each strip.

Australia's newest superhero

Buzzboy, the Daily Comic Strip Adventures of "The World's Most Upbeat Hero!" Enjoy the Animated Comics Fun of Buzzboy, Becca, and Doc Cyber!

Like those old Marvel cartoons? Then check out Canine Comics.com featuring Dr. Shroud, Captain Courage and Adam Bomb!! You get to vote where the story goes!!

Publisher of Faith: A Fable.

Take a look at 700 caricatures of international stars and explore an easy-to-use method of sketching faces with a few clicks, original games, quiz, cards and much more. Don't hesitate, it's very funny and free!

The official home of the BONE cousins.

The largest cartoon-related research facility in the United States.

Current holdings include more than 370,000 graphic materials, including 240,000 original cartoons; more than 20,000 books; more than 13,000 serial titles; and more than 2,800 linear feet of manuscript materials. The papers of Milton Caniff, the Walt Kelly Collection, the Robert Roy Metz Collection, the Woody Gelman Collection of Winsor McCay cartoons, and the Will Eisner Collection are the most notable cartoon art collections. Archival collections related to the profession of cartooning include the records of or the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, the National Cartoonists Society, and the Newspaper Features Council, as well as extensive files on more than 3,000 cartoonists; and the library also maintains a clipping file organized by cartoon-related topics.

British stock cartoons for first time publication, re-print, on-line rights and merchandise.

French Publisher of comic albums.

DATA 2000 is a database for comic books, designed by comics collectors to meet your needs as a collector, without requiring you to sell half of your comics to pay for the software. This system is NOT cross-platform and therefore not available for Macs.

distributor of manga and anime.

Website of Australian comic creator Gary Chaloner. Featuring the online adventure RED KELSO, artwork, covers and special features including a section on MORTON STONE: UNDERTAKER and information on CYCLONE COMICS.

Horror comics specialists.

Home of Lady Death and Evil Ernie.

The World of Charles Atlas

Welcome to the Chicago Comics homepage. Your connection to all your graphic story telling needs.

Huge online catalog of posters and lim8ted edition prints featuring the world's best fantasy and sci-fi artists.

The leading reorder distributor for quality independent comics.

Colometers Davis. He's a leprechaun and a detective. Crime is his business & business is good. Issue 1-American tourists are vanishing. Is it related to Ninja sightings about the roofs of Ballymingas?

Buy original comic art directly from Peter Bagge, Tony Millionaire, Dan Clowes, Johnny Ryan, Rick Altergott, Jim Blanchard, Kurt Wolfgang, Pete Sickman-Garner, Eric Reynolds and more.

*** Words & Pictures highly reccommends this site!!

ComicBase a professional inventory system on CD-ROM for your comic book collection with cross-indexed descriptions of over 100,000 issues, with price histories for the past four years.This system is Cross-Platform.

Comic Noir gallery out of Berlin - this is art!

A collection of web pages designed and maintained by fans

A large variety of original art. Many pages from award-winning books and artists. Nice selection of DC animated pages and Mike Parobeck art. New art added weekly.

The online presence for Comickaze Comics Cards Video and more, San Diego's most unique comic bookstore.

Marketplace for buying and selling Golden and Silver Age Comics.

My personal collection of Original Comic art. Most of the collection features Batman and Spider-Man and represents many of my favorite artists in the field of comics.

Comics retail store in Singapore.

Site offers a free online database for comic book enthusiast to sort, catalog and value their collections.

Certificates of Authenticity.

claims to be the greatest fan-run online comic shop.

Comics, Cards, Toys, Games and more! Also the home of Toyz4Sale.com and Cardz4Sale.com

stores in Montreal, Quebec.

see also Adams, Neal in Creators listings

Home of artist Neal Adams.

Online retailer of comic back issues sold strictly at their original cover price.

Online home of CRACKED Magazine, the #1 humor mag in America. Published continually since 1957 CRACKED features illustrated humor by some of the best writers and artists in the business.

Online store specializing in Marvel, DC, Disney and Independent back issue comics, most of which are at least 50% below guide.

A brand new universe filled with dynamic heroes and vile villains.

publisher of Shi, home of Billy Tucci.

bill themselves as Vancouver Island's Premiere Comic & Gaming Store.

Home of artist J.Scott Campbell,

Taiwan based publishing group.

French BD Publisher. This site is primarily designed in French with some pages available in English.

Publishers of Blackjack, Race Against Time. Home of writer Alex Simmons.

A Dark Horse portal, original artwork for sale, online store and free e-mail headquarters.

Publishing, entertainment, chat rooms, meeting boards, character profiles and links to Warner Bros.

Def-X Productions is a new independent Comic book and Production company who strives to push the envelope in the action horror genre of indy comics. Definently not for the weak minded....or the weak stomached.

Home of Delta Comix anthology comicbook publisher.

A demonic prophecy from centuries past is about to be fulfilled. Mosesgunn, Mary Pike, and the Mighty Tigonauts must stop it before all hell breaks loose!

Meteor City Productions is a premeire content developer for entertainment. Whether it's state of the art digital animation or old fashioned comic book production, Meteor City will Rocket You to Adventure!

DIABOLICA: Join the malevolent yet inept adventures of noirish master criminal Herr Grossman and his gang as they perfect the art of spectacular failure. Three times a week. Black & White.

largest comic book distributor in US. Distributes directly to retailers.

using your zip or postal code locate the comic retailer closest to you in the US and Canada.

Romantic adventures starring a burnt-out, retired porn star and her robot boyfriend, Clango. Pixelated like a late 80s Nintendo game. Looking for new friends.

Dedicated to promoting the CYBERSAGA which can be defined further at cyber755.com and by going to ecomicsnow.com on 8.15.00.

Doctor Jared Sarkhon-one of many of The Legion of Time-Sorcerers,an elite order of time travelling wizard warriors.think Jedi Knights,meets Green Laterns and the Time Lords

A fun collection of hand crafted type faces, based on the hand lettering or hand printing styles of ordinary people.

Home of the Sci-Fi psychological Book Blood-Shed

Comic Books and Comic related material Mission: To do our share to change the way comics are seen by non comicbok fans and bring integrity to the way comicbook fans and shoppers are treated in all of cyberspace !!!

Follow Dr. Shroud as he destroys evil in the monster-ridden city of Necropolis, while searching for his missing daughter, Wendy!! It's an interactive site where viewers get to vote what happens next!!

Follow Dr. Shroud in these Flash-animated comtoons (comic or cartoon) as he tries to find his missing daughter, Wendy, in the vampire-infested town of Necropolis. You vote where the story goes each month!!

A fan-site dedicated to news and reviews of the Marvel Comics character, Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe.

Comics, cards, games and more.

Free lesson on the arrow 's use in drawing and picture making,

indy publishers of amongst others, Julie Doucet, Seth, Adrian Tomine, Chester Brown and Debbie Dreschler. Newly updated, very informative site.

The Dynamic Duo Studio produces comic art for advertising, promotional and editorial markets. They can custom-design comic characters for your product or message, in realistic or cartoon style. They'll translate your copy into comic language using classic comic lettering styles that make even the driest copy fun to read. And by blending hand-drawn black and white line art with state-of-the-art computer coloring, they create imagery that blends the best of both worlds! Everything from story boards and comp art to finished illustration can be delivered on disk or e-mailed. So now there are more ways than ever to answer the call... ''This looks like a job for...The Dynamic Duo!''

Trenton, NJ Back issue Comic dealer store with online purchasing. Note this is NOT not a secure ecommerce site.

EC comics are some of the most important comics in the history of the medium. Phenomenally popular in their heyday (the 1950s), these books remain essential reading today because of their strong combination of great stories and great art.

New, original multimedia comic books published online regularly. Focuses on science-fiction and fantasy genres. Home of Captain Future, The Paradox, Harvesters, Subzone, and Daylight Adventures.

stores in Montreal, Quebec.

Independent publisher of Johnny Blister and Sweetie.

Web site does include adult material

publishes adult material solely.

Home of the new online series Jonni Nitro. Site mixes animation and live action webisodes.

Publishers of Ash, Painkiller Jane, and Crimson Plague

Fanfare Sports & Entertainment has been serving collectors since 1983. We offer a variety of collectibles, including Comic Books, Trading Cards, Sci-fi & Fantasy Games, Action Figures, used CDs and Video Games, and much, much more.

Be sure to check back as we add new features and offerings to our website.

Publisher of books by R. Crumb, Robert Williams, Chris Ware, Roberta Gregory and Los Bros. Hernandez.

Hot artist Michael Turner, creator of the Witchblade has another great comic book: Fathom!!! Images, story, fan art, news are some of the things you can find in this great site!

Come visit Leopold and Brink, Mr. Intuitive, Post the Ghost, and the rest of the finkadelic gang!

Welcome to Fontanelle Press's new web site! Fontanelle Press is home to The Wiggly Reader, Petey & Pussy and lots of other fun stuff by award-winning cartoonist John Kerschbaum!

    Established in 1997 along the sunny banks of the Gowanus Canal, Fontanelle Press takes pride in having remained on the cutting edge of narrative-sequential-art publishing for nearly a quarter of a century.

    As part of our upcoming Golden Anniversary Jubilee, The Editors at Fontanelle Press decided it was time to step up into the '90s and finally launch our own exciting web site. Four years and thirty thousand dollars later, we're proud to have you as a guest at that site! You're invited to spend a few days looking around. There's a great catalogue of comics, complete with sample pages, as well as other fun things you can order from Fontanelle Press. And for a limited time, to celebrate the launching of our new site, Fontanelle Press is offering a very special discount on some of our most popular books!

    There are also some great online comics you can read for free, right here and now, featuring a special section just for the kids!*

    Plus, you can read reviews of our books, write us a nice, thoughtful letter, or even join our new e-mail fan club to receive exclusive e-mail news alerts with catalogue updates, special sale offers, announcements, gossip, and changes in the weather, all for FREE!

    We'll be adding new content on a wiggly basis, so be sure to bookmark this site and come back often to check out all the cool stuff you'd otherwise miss!

Site devoted to novel-length comics by cartoonist Myke Feinman about maverick journalist/adventurer Terry Freedom. Set in 1936. Drawn in Popeye style. Latest book, "The CrystalSkull Files" has a First Amendment theme and is used in schools. Site also has subsite on self-publishing comics.

Japanese Manga/Anime publishers and distributors with entire site available in Japanese, Korean and English. Includes links and homepages for creators and titles.

BUYING: comics, original art, mags, pulps, etc. collections & dealers' stock
1930's-1990's (poor to near mint wanted)
FINDERS FEE PAID ( for 'info' leading to a deal)
SELLING: Comics, etc.
800,000+ in stock!
strict grading
supplying dealers and collectors

Gates of Heck is a publisher and retailer of books, videos and art by and about our favorite people on the cultural fringe.

HECK is not a place for evil, but for the misunderstood. It's a place for wordsmiths, musicians, underground comix artists, performers, iconoclasts, outsiders, visionaries and deviants of all kinds.

We hope you find what you seek...through the Gates of Heck

Home of Dan Fraga.

The web-home of Rich Koslowski's THE 3 GEEKS and Gary Sassaman's INNOCENT BYSTANDER, now published together as GEEKSVILLE by Image Comics.

Online home of EC Comics, Overstreet Price Guides, the new Hakes Price Guide for collectible toys and The Overstreet Fan Universe.

A place where you can find lotsa things related to one of the coolest Image comic books, GEN 13!!! Check out the awesome art of J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee, Al Rio and more!!!

African American comics publisher of Chocolate Thunder. Features comic previews, character profiles, and online ordering. Site remains under development.

home of Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist

Barcelona, Spain store.

Principle publisher of quality Disney comic books and comic albums featuring Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse & Uncle Scrooge.

Slip into my little world of Original Comic Art Gallery. If name's Like Bachalo, Timm, Mignola, Maleev, Allred, Darrow and more excite you, then you've got to take a peek. Nothing is for Sale (but feel free to offer and ask). I will always consider a trade.

French Publisher of bandee dessinee (comic books).

huge LA, California stores with online ordering and numerous special events.

An interesting view to original art world. Sal Velluto, Fabrizio Fiorentino, Mike Zeck and, expecially, Claudio Castellini, with a complete index of his works.

The original BATMAN web magazine is back with all new features and articles. Each issue includes articles on comics, collecting, TV or the Bat movies. Also included are Bat trivia, and full indexes to key runs of Batman related comics. Whatever incarnation of the Batman interests you - we will have something for you to enjoy.

Great literature interpreted in comics and illustration by the best artists working today in the fields of comics, book illustration, and fine arts.

Great literature interpreted in comics and illustration by the best artists working today in the fields of comics, book illustration, and fine arts.

responsible for the finest merchandise reflecting comic images.

The home of the family-friendly indy comic book, GravyBoy. Philbert Pharmac is a typical 13 year-old with a destiny. It is his lot in life to change the world. Only two things stand in his way - 1)middle school and 2)a cosmic screw-up that gave him the wrong power. Read the online preview, check out the character sketches and discuss on the forum.

see also Vess, Charles in Creator Listings.

Groovy Cartoons is a great animation web site featuring web cartoons, comics and fun. Brought to you by Jiri Bures.

Western New England's largest specialty art supply store, offering a full line of painting, drawing and sculpture supplies. Art display and preservation materials, easels and workstations and art book and magazines.

From the imagination of Dan (TMNT) Berger: A fantasy comic book that's fun for all ages! Humor,adventure,science fiction and high fantasy all rolled into one monster-ously entertaining package! Great Oogly Moogly!

The world's original hippo detective makes his web debut at last! This site is a must for comic fans who like colour strips, saucy pinups and corny gags!!

I sell comic books for half the listed price! Come check out my silver age comics, complete collections, and constant sales!

Home of vixen Vampirella.

Home of Peter Bagge.

Offical web site of Heavy Metal Magazine
In addition to the print magazine and stunning merchandise there are the HM movies. Since 1977, Heavy Metal Magazine has had its hand in some of the greatest fantasy movies and video games ever made. From the first "Heavy Metal Movie" to the latest "Geomatrix", at Mass Metal, you'll get a first-hand behind-the-scenes look.

A fan page for Heavy Metal Magazine and the world of Heavy Metal. Information on everything in the Heavy Metal Magazine realm including the movies, music, toys, etc. Also includes up to date news on Heavy Metal.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, large store specializing in American and Japanese comics. Site is in English.

Can Xero save humanity from a mysterious space beast and his horde of 100 quadrillion evil space soldiers?!

Comics exhibition at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne (Australia) from October 2006 to February 2007.

Canadian Comic Book store specializing in Anime, R.P.G.'s, C.C.G.'s and t-shirts. World wide mail order.

Robots and Outer Space Comics of Death, Doom and Destruction.

A site devoted to making interent comics, using image-maps and more!

Contemporary cartoon militia, the home for the rebellious writers and artists of the contemporary cartoon militia.

What's it about? Drama! Intrigue! Pathos! Car chases! Pork products! Bowling! Toothbrushes and more stuff than we can mention without making this a run-on sentence!

Red Bank New Jersey store with online ordering.

Something new from the producer of Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond – Paul Dini's on-line animation/entertainment site www.jinglebelle.com has been awarded a "Cool Site" certification from Netscape Open Directory. Noted for its colorful design and original web cartoons, jinglebelle.com is currently running new Flash animation content every week through December. Surf to the North Pole for your holiday visit with Santa's naughty and nice little girl.

From the mind of Brian Michael Bendis

Store in Stirling, Scotland, established in 1993. Features stores own character, called of course, Justice.

Ignatz-nominee Keyhole is a two-man, creator-driven comic book by Josh Neufeld and Dean Haspiel. Keyhole features autobiographical stories of international travel mixed with stark tales of introspection and social commentary. And some good laughs.

Cutting edge commentary / editorial cartoons / political satire packaged in weekly one-panel cartoon installments.

order original art, books and comics and t-shirts directly from Rick Veitch.

An incredibly exciting new Comic Book company featuring spotlights on The Millennium Man himself STALLION CANUCK and the Angels of Science THE OMEGA KNIGHTS. Tune in and be amazed.

Rants, Comics, Discussions, Comics, News, Comics, Chat Boards, Comics, Interviews, Comics, Lots of cool stuff, Comics,3-D Animated presentations, Comics, Online store, Comics!!!

Spanish Publisher of alternative comix, for adults only.

This is the on-line home of Amsterdam's Galerie Lambiek, the first and finest comix shop in the world. Since they opened in 1968, Galerie Lambiek has been the European center for comics artists, collectors and enthusiasts. Super site includes bios and links to many European listings.

publishes and distributes alternative/underground comix.

Parody comics that'll have you in stitches.

Publisher of speculative fiction, illustrated tales, and graphic novels.

in French.

Much of this version of the site is in English.

If your business depends on producing exceptional images to capture your customers attention, then you need to look no further. Liquid Graphics is a design studio that has received much critical acclaim for their digital work on the topselling X-Men for Marvel Entertainment. We specialize in creating high quality images and designs that enable you to communicate your message with punch. Allow us to put our tremendous experience to work for you. Be it in print or over the web we'll exceed your highest expectations.

Home of Troy Little and Chiaroscuro - a recent Xeric Award Winner.
Congratulations Troy.
A terrific book - check it out!

LivingRoomArt.com: An Underground Uprising!

In this technological millennium, more and more artists are taking their mediums out of corporate hands and into their own. We as artists now have the tools to succeed without selling our ourselves out. We're able to freelance our work from home and create our art from our very own living rooms!

LivingRoomArt.com is here to assist talented artists, to offer opportunity and encouragement to the "underdog", and provide the tools necessary for a "web presence". LRA strives to seek out artists and unite them in the exchange of ideas, the honing of each other's craft, and even for plain ol' fashioned moral support! We offer free web space to artists just looking to get started, and get their work up online. As well as free email services, a community web ring, an array of website tools, and many exciting challenges posted on our message board. For those of you looking for community AND skillful challenge, there's an ongoing hot potato called Average Joe going on in the Comics Jam! forum.

Though the majority of our artists are currently illustrators, we encourage artists of ALL mediums to join the community, sign up for for free portfolio space, and participate in all other LRA activities. Eventually, we will truly be able to say that LivingRoomArt achieves our goal of:

"Uniting artists of ALL mediums in the discussion and creation of art!"

French Publisher of bandee dessinee (comic books). Site in both French and English.

AAA Pop Comics. Wacky home of artist Mike Allred and his other creations including The Atomics and Red Rocket 7.

"MAJOR DAMAGE™ is a creator owned, independent short film project inspired by the superhero and monster comics that I read as a kid. It is several minutes of computer generated, slam-bang, superhero mayhem!" Chris Bailey, Creator.

Quality Earth Comics since 1999.

includes online store, games, chat and plenty of promotional material.

A storehouse of information, published and commissioned artwork relating to Marvel Two-in-One # 76, starring the Thing and Iceman.

A site about Maverick Z Pulp Comics various comicbook projects.

Online interactive multimedia Sci-fi and Fantasy for intelligent adults. Digital artists on a desperate quest to find their audience on the web. Dozens of fertile imaginations boiling with a dark need to rivet an audience.

Could it be you...

Home of McFarlane Toys and Spawn

Home of the critically acclaimed comics Alice! and Adventure Inc.

cool LA store.

Metaphrog are a Franco-Scottish duo, creating and self-publishing comics: Strange Weather Lately, The Maze, Vermin, Louis - Red Letter Day...

huge selection of comic book back issues.

minicomics and comics: new material, reprints, history and culture

Everything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is the official site.

My gallery comic-art: Kaluta,C.Vess,Bolton,BWS,Maroto,Bernet, San Julian,Royo,etc..........


Gallery and museum of strip and comic book artwork - slated to open in Chicago in 2002 Visit the site to find out more!!! Modern Mythology Inc.

Original comics and animation on the web! Ben Edlund, Chris McCulloch, Pat Giles, Michael Foran and more!

Creates unique collectibles and toys.

Artist Andrew Willmores on line tales including the Fatback and Skinny McLean pages.

Join Mudpie and his sister Punkin for laughs and plenty of family fun. Written and illustrated by award winning, syndicated cartoonist, Guy Gilchrist. All daily and Sunday comics are available in print and online. Syndicated by Gilchrist/Voice Features.

The internets largest collection of black superhero exhibits and information. Features commentary and critiques of black comic book heroes.

Virtual catalog of superheroes, creators and related interviews.
A growing exhibit of African American Comicbook Heroes from the past and present. Site features artist spotlights and breaking news.

This is not a commercial site with a lot of sales pitches.
This is just a site created by a small-time lover of original comic art, for myself and other lovers of original art.
Nice site, well constructed and very useful.

Guy Gilchrist, along with his brother Brad, restored NANCY® to its legendary "Ernie Bushmiller" style beginning September 3, 1995.
Daily online strip available.

9th June 2002

The Wilderness begins to grow at Warpton

The Natures Militia are on their way to the Comics industry via Warpton Comics this September, in this new exciting series, that combines Star Wars with well known animals.

>From the distant world of Forestya, Natures Militia fight to uphold peace and freedom for their people against the vile SpiderSect Empire.

A highly trained team of specialists are eveready to defend peace and freedom wherever and whenever they are called upon... This group is known only as... NATURES GUARD.

The brainchild of Jonathan Bryans developed under LegendWorks Entertainment in Canada; Natures Guard is published under Warpton Comics from the UK, and will be available from all Comics shops via Diamond Distribution in September.

Natures Guard the comic series is the prequel to the fully CGI animation being developed for TV by LegendsWork. Which has major acting stars attached to it, Megan Magwood (Urban Legends); Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett); Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca); Warwick Davis (Star Wars Films, Willow); and Jerome Blake (Fifth Element, Star Wars Phantom Menace) to name but a few.

a critically acclaimed graphic novel publisher showcasing the diversity of comics from North America and Europe.

This is a plot-based color comic that is updated demi-daily. It will be full of twists and turns as well as jokes.

Publisher and distributor of The Tick, also runs seven Boston area stores.

Newave Comics is a self publishing comic book company that has launched its site as of November 2003. First comic book release date set for April 2004.

NewKat Studios is a cutting edge digital effects and animation group committed to creating superior quality digital imagery tailor-made for your projects. Bringing together an elite team of seasoned visionary artists, NewKat Studios can provide services and support for every aspect of the production process.

Words & Pictures says "Highly reccommended - these folks are brill!"

Get the coolest stuff in the universe! TV and movie gear, action figures, graphic novels and comics, games, Japanese imports, anime, and more!

Homepage of Mike Baron.

Online comics written and illustrated by Al Nickerson (SPIDERMAN MYSTERIES), Delfin Barral (ELFQUEST: REBELS) and Stephen T. Scanlon (social cartoonist for THE SEATTLE SCROLL). Can Earth's two most powerful super-heroes, Libra and Nihilist-man, get along with each other!?! No, they can't!!! So, it's a battle royal between America's two favorite comic book characters!!! Plus, an appearance by Greg Hyland's Lethargic Lad; and Seattle's favorite comic strip, PIPEDREAMS

Written and illustrated by Guy Gilchrist, this Sunday feature includes an illustrated poem, a drawing lesson and a Mudpie comic each week. Based on Guy's award winning children's books, it's syndicated nationwide and available online.

Responsibility defines a real hero. A story that goes back to the basics of what drew us to this hobby in the first place!

Home page for painter Dan Brereton.

Barcelona, Spain based publisher and distributor.

Conservative News Service is a branch of the Media Research Center (www.mrc.org), and carries national, international, business, and editorial articles, updated daily.

The cartoons of Paul Nowak.

Some day all jobs will be Odd Jobs

Welcome to off the mark. This daily humor comic panel appears in 100 newspapers, on some products, and inside a few bathroom stalls.

Hot books include, Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob, Geisha and The Adventures of Barry Ween.

An index of the best FREE comic books and comic strips published on the Internet.

An online comics search engine and directory. Browse several genres of online comics including Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Sci-Fi, and Super Hero.

"It Happens Every Day ..." is the online weekly family comic featuring the lives of the Brenner family.

distributes and publishes reprints of classic American strips

Welcome to Penny Dreadful Press.

We are a Northern California based publisher committed to redefining Sequential Art by breaking down the medium's self-imposed restrictions thoughtfully, inquisitively and, if need be, radically. Is your subject matter underrepresented? We'd like to see it. Does your audience crave a shot in the arm? We'd like to show you some things. Do you want to reach a whole new audience? We can bridge that gap.

Check us out. We'll keep you thinking.

Fair Game, a daily pop culture cartoon by Stephanie Piro, covers everything from love and relationships, to teens, cats, rock music and space aliens. And check out her Strip T's Design Company line of original cartoon merchandise!

Australian online retailer.

Online illustration portfolio and comic previews from Xeric Grant recipient Frederick Noland. Contains a complete bibliography and previews of the upcoming comic Shpilkes.

Poster Pop Productions brings you the Art of Coop, Kozik, Alan Forbes & Derek Hess on Stickers, T-Shirts, Hats, Posters & Patches.

Unofficial fan site for Preacher which was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

Prophecy Magazine is dedicated exclusively to comic content from independent and alternative artists. The content will be multiple genre sequential art stories from top artists around the world, over 50% of which are female artists and writers. Prophecy is already being heralded as the first of its kind in the mainstream magazine market.

The creation of Aron Lusen, Christian Lichtner & Ale Garza

Every issue of PURE IMAGES features in-depth reporting on comics, music and movies. It always delivers the complete story with rare photos, artwork, and interview material. Great research and writing are what makes PURE IMAGES unique! Comic book format.

Rael, by DCS Design is the online comic for those not afraid to enter the darkness.

Terry C. Wise, Kentucky editorial cartoonist. Site contains a feature entitled "Your Cartoon" allowing visitors to copy and make a cartoon with their own wording. Updated every 2 weeks with homepage and links.

Animation art virtual museum. Animation tutorials Bio-filmography Animation links

online shopping for comics, cards, CD's, movie posters, videos, games, models. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A Compendium of All Things Witchblade! Features News, Previews, Comic Indexes, Collectibles Indexes, Galleries and More!

The most fabulous hunk of comics balogna on the web. Features web edition of the printed magazine, "Hub City", as well as original, "web only" comics

Calgary, Alberta store.

Please note this movie is NOT suitable for children

"Is Bludd a mutant freak or a hero? Or (gulp) both? It depends on if you're one of us-or one of them. Find out in this new series from the longtime Heavy Metal artist, Richard Corben."

Corben's Original Flash Animations is ----BLUDD----

Located in Richmond Virginia.

Web designers extraordinaire

Hong Kong publisher and distributor.

Roadkill Bill is a comic about technology, cars and philosophy from the viewpoint of a frequently run over rodent.

This site features hundreds of pages of original comic book artwork for sale-- big name artists drawing your favourite comic characters. Artwork is categorized by: Comic Art, Covers, Sketches, Comic Strips, High End Art and Cheap Art.

Online comics experimenting with the media and the message using Flash.

Sexy babes, wallpaper, fondos...

Publishers of the Surrealistic Sequential Art featured in SEASONS. Official web site of the Dutch comic book company established in 1997.

Sandking studio is an European comic book and illustration studio established in 1997. Genres include: Si-Fi,Horror,Fantasy and Surrealistic.

This is THE resource site listing of available New Zealand comic creators and related activities to do with comics sites. Also thrown in is an original art gallery of mine.

online home of store located in Easthampton, Mass.

The Official site for Savage Dragon!

A Sci-Fi Movie Theater and Sci-Fi Art Site.

Preview the latest issue of Fade from Blue and other S2S titles and projects!

Single panel cartoons by Australian cartoonist Terry Sedgwick.

Cartoon & Illustration Paradise.

Comics related sculptures from the award winning team of the Shiflett Brothers.

"The talent of the Shiflett brothers is the strongest of any sculptors in the industry today. I am consistently amazed by the raw power of their work."
- Alex Ross (Painter of Pretty Pictures)

"For sheer energy and sculpting power the Shiflett Brothers are unequaled."
- Clayburn M oore

"Simply put, the Shiflett Brothers kick ass!"
- Randy Bowen

Flash comics and cartoons featured in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian. Free download.

Europe's largest on line website. 95000 different items listed, from Batman #1 to Witchblade #1, including a massive selection of British large and small press companies. + 2000AD, TV Related merchandise, Manga, etc., etc.

On line retailer of comic books, games, toys and pop culture merchandise. Offers terrific discounts. Well presented site, easy to navigate. Silver Bullet Comics is solely an online organization and offers no "brick and mortar" store.

home of Matt Hawkins and Lady Pendragon.

The history of SilverWolf and Greater Mercury Comics. News, interviews, checklists, galleries, and more.

publishers of DAWN, Poison Elves and Scary Godmother.

Home of Percy Crosby's lovable cartoon character "SKIPPY".

Best known for offbeat humor titles including Milk & Cheese, Leonore, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee!

Official headquarters for SoulSaga and Stephen Platt. Published by Top Cow/Image.

Web Cartoons, comics and an online magazine devoted to the art of animation from John Kricfalusi, the creator of the original Ren & Stimpy Show.

A one-stop source for the cutting edge in fantasy and erotic art. Over 50 fantasy art books for your personal library, with new titles added each month. Female warriors, vampires, pirates, and other pin-up subjects. Also artbooks showcasing Dorian Cleavenger, Larry Elmore, Fastner & Larson, Monte Moore, Mike Ploog, and MANY MORE!

on line comics publishing. Storylines premiere March 2000.

publisher of Moebius.

An online portfolio of my illustration work. Requires Flash plug in.

***A W&P Museum Highly Reccommended Site - really fun work

By Donna Barr, creator of Desert Peach.

stores in New Brunswick & Nova Scotia.

Home of creator David Lapham. Much of ths site is still under construction but the neat graphics and characters bios make the site worth a peek even before completion.

The premier all digital kung-fu webcomic. The Strike Force 3 team must stop and insidious plot to destroy democracy at the core, the United States of America.

Hard to find fine art supplies for serious artists.
Art supplies made or imported by Studio Products include Marogers Medium Rabbit Skin Glue Copaiba Balsam Mastic Copal Gesso Damar Gum Arabic Tragacanth Oil of Spike and Artistic Painting Mediums and custom made tools for silverpoint and metalpoint drawing .

Translators of manga for publication in the English language. Site includes a super links page of well researched sites.

comic style stories,activities for kids and teens

Massachusetts stores specializing in comics, sports, autographs, toys and Japanese animation.

The Arggh!!! Chronicles, created by Al Nickerson, Stephen Scanlon, Delfin Barral and Michael Kornstein.
Official site for P.I.C. TOONS Studios and artist Al Nickerson. Site includes fun photos of a road trip to Words & Pictures Museum in 1999.

The Classic, longtime British comic favourite

The Bronze Comic Club is a website dedicated to comic books with the main spotlight on the Buffy comics. However, don't mistake the site for a Buffy only site. It is a general comic site which should speak to every fanboy/-girl among us with various sections such has a cover gallery, an index, news, a price guide, downloads, Buffy & comic related Winamp Skins, an extensive links collection and more.

This is a place for you to showcase your talents or to view other artists' work, in order to find artists to work with.

Site features the latest comics & related merchandise with customer reviews & message boards.

home of the free online comic book Deus Ex Machina.

4 panels, 3 lanes, 2 guys, 1 funny daily comic strip... all color, all the time, gonna drive you to laughter every day! get on board!

Filipino art works? Like STONE, HELLCOP and others? or just a Marvel, DC, Anime, Manga fans? Well, you're in the right place! Check it out!

Single panel cartoons by Australian cartoonist Terry Sedgwick.

A totally online comics jam, featuring work by 16 comic creators. With no scripts and no pre-planning. This is the first in a series of online comics jams to be held, many others will follow, all of them different and unpredictable. Come watch as we push the boundaries of sequential art.

Buying and selling Golden and Silver Age comic books.

The Official (and only!) wWebsite for The Gang! The adventures of eight crazy characters from Newfoundland, and the weird situations they get into! Check it out!

The fanboy's guide to comics, sleaze & stuff! :::Not recommended for the weak bladdered:::

The goal of the Long Box Project (The Long Box) is to index and chronicle all comic books (mainstream,underground, independent, and/or self-published) that have ever been published. To achieve this goal, Ravelution envisions The Long Box as a series of database driven Internet web sites.

searchable data base of stores with links and contact information.

Fan Site: A fairly comprehensive archive/guide to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles empire, comics, movies, TV shows, and more.

Features all the issues of the underground online comic book Boneparte.

The official Tellos webpage (Tellos is published by Image, created by Todd Dezago and Mike Weiringo).

A 1999 winner of the Xeric Award. Roland Days of Wrath:war and vengeance, fraternity and betrayal, faith and wisdom.

The Squiddies are the annual awards given by the participants in rec.arts.comics. They recognize excellence in the field of comics, from a perspective that no other comics-industry awards can match. They are open and democratic, but don't just ratify whatever tops the sales charts. They attract the input of interested experts, from creators to fans, but don't fall prey to snobbish anti-commercialism. Everything from small-press alternative books to mainstream superheroes bump elbows as they jostle for rankings here. In short, the Squiddies exemplify thinking populism. What the Squiddies may lack in profile, they make up in perseverance. Awarded annually since the mid-1980's.

Comics, Gaming and Science Fiction

Dedicated to the weird and wonderful cover art of comics, pulp books and magazines.

Comics strips cartoons by Ubaldo Aygors and Rexcartie updated weekly!

Home of illustrator Mike Hawthorne creator of Hysteria. Thinktank Comics is his own publishing company.

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow is carried in about 100 alternative weeklies. This site includes archives dating back to 1990, rarities including work for the New Yorker and collaborations with Paul Mavrides and Bill Grifith and interviews.

Publishers of Witchblade, Spirit of the Tao, and Tales of Darkness.

Retailer offers secure online ordering.

Not familiar with Top Shelf?
we're are the graphic novel and comic book publishing house that’s best known for its ability to discover and showcase the vanguard of the alternative comics scene. Our books usually appeal to men and women between 18 and 40, in metropolitan centers, college towns, or otherwise culturally hip communities.
But then, REALLY, no one’s exempt from our intoxicating influence!

Richard Slaughter's NightShades: A Monthly Gothic Horror Cyber Comic. Online store offers many exciting products; bumper stickers, cards, Holographic prints. Site includes a chat room where everyone can meet and also talk with the artists/writers of NightShades

Transmetropolitan is a comic book published by Vertigo comics dealing with a journalist named Spider Jerusalem, a raving lunatic (sometimes) and voice of reason in a wacky futuristic urban world.
Original artwork and T-Shirts available for sale - no credit cards accepted.

Tom Horowitz of Tarzana California represents the estate of Herriman (Krazy Kat strips) and a number of contemporary artists. Tom is a wealth of useful information when looking for original works of art.

In an industry dominated by large, long-established businesses that proudly declare that their products have remained unchanged (and unremarkable) for the last nine hundred years, True Confections is instigating a revolution in candy that will entertain, shock and dismay. Our products have a massive counter-culture appeal across generational lines, selling in thousands of stores across the country with consistent repeat business and increasing demand in both traditional and non-traditional venues for candy sales.

uComics.com offers the biggest, best-known names in comics: Cathy, Dick Tracy, Doonesbury, FoxTrot, Garfield, Shoe, Ziggy and many, many more. With our custom-designed e-mail service, we'll deliver your favorite comics to your inbox every morning.

And we're not just talking about the static, black-and-white comics you see in the newspaper. The comics on uComics.com include short animations, full color, dynamic audio and other features you just can't deliver on a newspaper page. We've partnered with the creators of the world's most popular comics and turned them loose in a creative environment where there are no boundaries - they're having more fun than ever on uComics.com, and it shows.

uComics.com is more than just comics! We've also got an all-star lineup of word games, humor columns and editorial writing from a stable that boasts multiple Pulitzer Prize winners. For the best in comics and lots of other fun stuff, too, uComics.com is the only destination you need to know.

A resource for collectors of underground comix, aka 'head comix', of the 60's & 70's. 'Classix Illustrated'.

Home of The 'Visual Guide to Underground COMIX Reprints', a huge cover gallery (1000+), the Nark Project, want-list exchange, Be-In mailing-list, And mucho links.

Online store for officially-licensed comic books featuring superstar athletes from Major League Baseball, National Football League, and National Basketball Association.

Introducing Unbound Comics Unbound Comics is a conduit that connects readers to talented comic book creators and publishers through our unique web storefront. We bring great comic books to readers by selectively choosing creators and publishers who have displayed a commitment to quality storytelling and providing them with a way to tap into the opportunities of digital distribution and e-commerce.

Our store is built around e-book editions of comic books, available for download from our library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. E-book comic books can be downloaded in about 10 minutes over a 56K connection and in a matter of seconds over a broadband connection. These comic books are read on the free Adobe Acrobat E-Book Reader, which provides not only a versatile reading environment, but also a customizable library that allows you to organize and instantly access your comic books. Add in our free lifetime customer service and e-book replacement, and you have the opportunity to begin building a library of great comic books that are inexpensive to buy, always-available, and impossible to lose.

Official home of UNITED COMICS, a publisher comprised of a series of smaller studios supported by a central hub. Publishers of TWILIGHT: FIRST FLIGHT and upcoming projects THE PHILISTINE, SHOCKWAVE and HEROES CLASSIFIED.

Home of comics publisher United Comics

Vanguard presents the finest work for the discriminating arts enthusiast. From the flagship anthology, Tales from the Edge to their critically acclaimed Popular Artist Sketchbook Series, to their new Drawings Of series and upcoming, large-format, color career retrospectives;
Vanguard features a brilliant, creative mix of talents including Steranko, Jeffrey Jones, Carmine Infantino, Neal Adams, Barron Storey, Wally Wood, Bill Sienkiewicz, George Pratt, J. David Spurlock, Al Williamson, Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Marshall Arisman, Jon J Muth, and rock music icons Sting and Cream's Jack Bruce.
Join Vanguard in adventurous flights into creative worlds.

Christian Comics.

produces and distributes manga in the US.

UK publisher wanting to get everybody involved. Enter our competitions, submit your work. Register for our gallery, read our scripts or buy our comics. "An aberration of your mind"

Warpton is a collective of artists and writers creating varying styles of comics, music and films. The aim is to look at becoming a key publisher of comic books that appeal to varying markets, whilst introducing the creativity of filmmaking and musical ability to all projects.

This website is devoted to bringing you the most up-to-date news and information concerning Dave Dorman's long term project, The Wasted Lands.
*** Words & Pictures highly reccomends this project - check it out!

Secure on line shopping, subcriptions and back issues

Weirdass.net is a new site we have put up that exhibits free comics by writer Ancram Hudson and artist Mitch Waxman. Heavily influenced and informed by the Lovecraft mythos, the art is done in mindblowing 3d and is 100% digital. A sci horror daily online comic strip called The Starry Ones began April 15, 2000. The story will be ongoing for most of the next year, and we hope that you come on by. There is also an art gallery, an online store, and other goodies for the discriminating weirdass.

Mitch Waxman

Formed initially under the auspices of IMAGE Comics by artist Jim Lee. Wildstorm now falls under the DC Comics umbrella with Jim Lee as editorial Director.

Great website with fan art, original creations and more!!

Edmonton, Alberta store.



It's the all new WJHC.com. The popular WJHC comics website has a new face, new features AND the first look at WJHC #3, the long awaited third issue of this rising star series. Praised by kids, children's organizations, schools, and the Ms. Foundation, WJHC is taking the next step to bring more fun, quality, nonviolent comics to it's fans.

So tune in everybody as WJHC rocks the airwaves, online!

A personalized collection of more than 500 drawings, sketches and pages featuring DC's Wonder Woman by industry professionals.

1000+ original animation cels and drawings at our online gallery. Peanuts, Disney, Superheroes,Simpsons, etc.

Korean Publisher of comics and children's books.

a comic book about the History of Christianity, totally free.

my publishing company's web page, it also features exclusive interviews with Dave Sim (cerebus) Joe Matt (peepshow) and Peter Bagge (hate) with more interviews to come in 2002.

Self drawn art of various DC Superheroes

Stores in Seattle's Downtown and University districts. Diverse selection of comics-mainstream,alternative, and adult comics and graphic novels.


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