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Important library based comic book collections, often with searchable databases.

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Provides news and information on comic book legend Alan Moore

For collectors and fan. Complete chronology and unofficial handbook of the Avengers, database-archive on line, a message-board and an exclusive Avengers's Poll

Michael J. Ciaraldi collection (over 60,000 books) is housed at Brown University and is currently being catalogued and installed for researchers. The collection is not currently available on-line

The collection spans 1780-1977 and includes 2,085 drawings, prints and paintings related to the art of caricature, cartoon and illustration.

The largest cartoon-related research facility in the United States.

Current holdings include more than 370,000 graphic materials, including 240,000 original cartoons; more than 20,000 books; more than 13,000 serial titles; and more than 2,800 linear feet of manuscript materials. The papers of Milton Caniff, the Walt Kelly Collection, the Robert Roy Metz Collection, the Woody Gelman Collection of Winsor McCay cartoons, and the Will Eisner Collection are the most notable cartoon art collections. Archival collections related to the profession of cartooning include the records of or the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, the National Cartoonists Society, and the Newspaper Features Council, as well as extensive files on more than 3,000 cartoonists; and the library also maintains a clipping file organized by cartoon-related topics.

The Cartoon Web was founded by Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate (CWS), a division of CartoonArts International. CWS was founded in 1978 by Jerry Robinson, prize-winning cartoonist, comics historian and pioneer Batman artist who created the archvillian the Joker.
The CartoonWeb Archive, the largest cartoon & graphics archive available to the media, fulfills requests for political and humor cartoons, caricatures, and illustrations on any subject. Selections can be sent by fax or e-mail the same day.

CartoonStock.com is one of the World's largest fully searchable online library of cartoons and comic illustrations. We represent many of the World's best cartoonists. Artists whose work appears in magazines and newspapers such as The New Yorker, Punch, The Times, Private Eye, Reader's Digest and Barron's.

This site has over 500 pages of free comic book stories. Comix Free attempts to catalog the amazing comic creations to come out of the dynamic Kansas City comic book scene. There will be 800 quality pages archived on this website by 2007.

Private library of Japanese MANGA accumulated over 20 years by Mr. Toshio Naiki. Features over 130,000 books. In both Japanese and English

Nice collection of original artwork and accompanying materials. Mostly donated by Harry A Chesler. No description of holdings available at site but access to Internet Public Library Ready Reference provides access to other collections of interest.

Announcing Washington, DC’s 7th Annual


SEPTEMBER 5-7, 2002

(9am-9pm daily)

Sept. 5 – Intercultural Center (ICC), Georgetown University

Sept. 6 & 7 – The Holiday Inn Select, Bethesda, Maryland (in conjunction with SPX 2002)


WHAT IS ICAF? A symposium on comic art, hosted partly by the Georgetown University Department of French and partly by SPX 2002, with support from embassies and cultural organizations in the Washington, DC area and worldwide. ICAF was launched in 1995.

WHAT GOES ON AT ICAF? A diverse program of events, including lectures, talks by distinguished artists, roundtables, and social gatherings. All ICAF events are related to the history, aesthetics, and critical reception of comic art.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND ICAF? Anyone interested in comics. ICAF events are free and open to the public.

IS ICAF A COMIC BOOK CONVENTION? No, though part of it takes place at one (SPX - see below). Noncommercial in character, ICAF is unique in its dedication to bringing together scholars, comics creators and fans from around the world.

WHAT GUESTS ARE ON TAP FOR ICAF 2002? Besides our usual full docket of academic presenters, this year’s invited guests include: artists Thomas Ott (Switzerland), Willem (Netherlands/France), Blutch (France) and Ulf K (Germany); featured scholars Roger Sabin (U.K.), Sabine Witkowski (Switzerland) and John Lent (USA); and a panel of up-and-coming American talents. (All guest commitments are tentative as of this writing.)

WHAT IS SPX 2002? America's foremost convention for independent comics. Artists and publishers exhibit at SPX and often take part in ICAF events. (Though ICAF itself is free, there is a small entrance fee for SPX.) For more on SPX, visit .

Contains a bio, lists all the well known Draw 50 books (Doubleday), a series of how to draw volumes. Shows covers and sample lessons of eight books.

For more than sixty years, the Library of Congress has acquired comic books through copyright deposit. A manual record of holdings, by title, is maintained on-site in the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room.

The Comic Art Collection holds over 130,000 items. Local students and advanced scholars from around the world find this collection to be the primary library resource for the study of U.S. comic book publications.

An ever-growing archive of all things TMNT... Comic listings, Episode guides, Movie synopses, Soundtracks, Art galleries, Fan-Fiction, and much more. Plus, up-to-date info on all the latest TMNT news! Updated regularly.

ArchiviaNet is an automated research tool that allows you to access a vast amount of information from various databases and automated systems created by the National Archives of Canada.

The Krazy Kat Arkive consists of nearly 41,000 items amassed since the 1950s by the Scottish-born artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, reflecting his interest in popular culture, the image of the hero and the iconography of the machine age

The largest collection of Australian comics is housed here, contact Manuscript Departments librarian for details.

Descriptions and cataloguing for all books in collection, each accompanied by brief introductory text.

Details research access and collections housed at BGSU. The Popular Culture Library collection contains a large assortment of comic books as well as manuscript and special collections, which are supplemented by secondary monographs about cartoons and cartoonists, animation, and illustration.

Use Illinet Online Quick Query to review archives

Over 10,000 books and manuscripts of and about comics. Searchable database of titles with descriptions.

Caricature life through the imagination of an African caricaturist!

The Cliff Page is a collection of commissions and convention sketches by comic book artists I've gathered over the last ten years. The binding "theme" for this site is that all the drawings involve a cliff! Creators such as Will Eisner, Joe Kubert, Kevin Eastman, Evan Dorkin, Mike Mignola, Mike Allred, & Art Adams have all succumbed to the charm of The Cliff Page!

The world's largest cataloged collection of science fiction materials. It contains over 65,000 volumes, and many thousands of issues of hundreds of titles of science fiction and fantasy magazines, thousands of comic books, graphic novels, about 45,000 issues of fanzines (science fiction fan club newsletters), and the literary papers of some of the world's great science fiction writers, like Anne McCaffrey, Robert Forward, and Gregory Benford.

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Nell Dismukes McWhorter Memorial Collection The world's largest institutional collection of works by the creator of "Tarzan," including all appearances in print, posters, film and videotape, manuscripts and memorabilia.

The Laura Jane Musser Oziana Collection, L. Frank Baum miscellanea, and other miscellaneous children's literature. Includes hundreds of comic books comic books. Collection is currently being physically relocated and further details will available in 2000


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