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Keeping you up to speed on the latest industry news and gossip. Web publications and supplements, often including editorials, chat rooms and online interviews.

The SPLASH features daily editorials and updates about comics & the comic industry. Rick Veitch apparently reads every English language publication to bring his viewers a unique perspective on the latest in entertainment/comics industry news and insider tips.
The SPLASH is now joined by NEWSARAMA brought to you by the talented Matt Brady and Mike Doran and Mile High Comics

comic books review site which seeks out links and includes them on the site after the have been reviewd for content. Sites include info on spiderman, the hulk, silver surfer, fantastic four, avengers etc.

Movies, entertainment and comics news brought to you by a gaggle of reliable rumor mongerers. Compiled by head honcho Harry Knowles.

Italian daily webmagazine about comics. Inside you can find interviews, reviews (comics from USA, Italy, Germany, French, South-America and japanese manga), reportages from EU conventions, free e-comics, original arts, hot images, exclusive pics and a lot of more! English translation available!

Comprehensive animation industry news and links

Italian daily comics news service available in both Italian and English.

International art journal of the fantastic, surreal and visionary.

Comics art from Eastern Europe

A site dedicated to promoting alternative and underground information.

French comics magazine

Books on voice actors: Daws Butler (Yogi Bear, Quickdraw McGraw, Elroy Jetson, etc.), Paul Frees (Boris Badenov, Ludwig von Drake, etc.), Walter Tetley (Andy Panda, Sherman from Bullwinkle), and more!

art flash media design

Borderwalker is relaunched

An amazing comic magazine featuring daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly comic strips and cartoons from cutting edge artist and writers. Classic comics, fantasy, manga, its all here. Electric spirit will teach you to speak Japenese. Backdraft will have you enthrawled with his powers. Cigarro & Cerveja will have you rolling with laughter. Visit us and talk to other comic lovers out there. Let us know what you think!

CLASSIC ANIMATED CARTOONS: Past Present & Future. News, Commentary, Complete Animated features data base, Q & A. and more! Curated by noted author & animation historian, Jerry Beck!

Collectibles magazine

A free site that allows Collectors of original comic art, as well as comic artists, to post their work to share with other Collectors and Artists. We also have frequent Artist interviews and Con reports.

On line supplement to printed magazine that features in depth interviews and often previously unpublished works of art

Fan based reliable source of industry news with weekly updates.

Each issue provides a unique indepth look at a different creator. Previous issues (still available through the site) include Profiles of Joe Kubert, Bernie Wrightson, Neal Adams, Michael W. Kaluta, Gene Colan and John Byrne.

comic book news, reviews and commentary.

Utilizing the Blogiverse to enhance and expand the comic book community.

CSNsider.com is the online arm of Comic Shop News which is distributed weekly in 1,000 shops across North America and around the world. It features the latest in comics news as well as fan polls, Rumor Control, a monthly checklist of first issues due in shops and information on where to find a shop near you that carries CSN.

Online fan magazine, updated regularly.

The eagerly awaited first issue of Comicology Volume Two will be on sale nationwide next month. Inside you'll find reviews, opinion columns, a look at some great current comics, historical features, and three in-depth,heavily illustrated interviews adorned with lots of previously unpublished artwork.

Online supplement to the weekly trade publication

Brief, daily comic book news blurbs.

Monthly industry newswpaper devoted to the comics medium. Published in UK.

Johanna Draper Carlson reviews comics and as she says "makes recommendations of books to order combined with snarky comments about some of the stupid things comics companies do."

Newly launched online magazine site featuring news bites, book spotlights and previews.

For the last century (give or take five years), I've been writing a weekly column for The Comics Buyer's Guide. It's a newspaper that covers comic books, animation, movies and comic strips and, occasionally, I even manage to address one of those topics. Other times, as you can see, we wander far afield, for Man does not live by comic books, animation, movies and comics strips alone. Anyway, throughout this site, I've posted some of the deathless essays I've penned for that fine publication with all sorts of strange links and cross-references.

The archive site for the leading BATMAN e-mail newletter. For all the latest BAT news from comics, TV, movies, print and the toy aisles. Check out the latest issue or search back issues.

Serbian comics magazine. Includes good information about international art contests

Gallery features different artists monthly.



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You have just landed on one of the hottest stations on the web - featuring tons of regularly updated programming direct from the minds of the talent that brings you Heavy Metal Magazine. Don't be afraid to play around and have fun with this site. There's plenty to do, see and buy. If you get lost, click on "HOME" on the left menu and you'll come back here. If you're looking for a specific artist or book, use our site-wide search function at the bottom of the menu. Just type in the last name of your favorite Heavy Metal artist and you'll access our database of MetalTV web pages, Heavy Metal Back Issues and merchandise!

ShopTV is your network for all the hottest Heavy Metal products. Whether you're into books, posters, calendars, Heavy Metal merchandise or back issues, you'll find it here.

Julie Strain is here... and she brought some of her friends. Explore Julie's network for regular updates and learn about her talents in front of and behind the camera.

Kevin Eastman is The Buzz. As co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine, Kevin brings his unique outlook to this channel including "I Was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" and his online Words & Pictures Museum which features a listing of over 1,100 comic art related web sites.

Have you ever wondered what makes Simon Bisley tick? Well now he's got one of the largest stations on MetalTV and with it comes the best of his art as well as his bizarre adventures with pal Kevin Eastman around L.A.

Since 1977, Heavy Metal Magazine has had its hand in some of the greatest fantasy movies and video games ever made. From the first "Heavy Metal Movie" to the latest "Geomatrix", at Mass Metal, you'll get a first-hand behind-the-scenes look.

We begin with the bright, sexy work of Lorenzo Sperlonga, one of the hottest new artists to grace the cover of Heavy Metal Magazine. Look here in the future for the best of the best Heavy Metal artists.

A fan page for Heavy Metal Magazine and the world of Heavy Metal. Information on everything in the Heavy Metal Magazine realm including the movies, music, toys, etc. Also includes up to date news on Heavy Metal.

Dedicated to thoughtful, insightful editorials and interviews and to raising awareness of the wrong being commited against Spider-Man.

Hippoworks has launched the cartoonlet "It's A Jungle Out There!", 10 second to one minute animations based on the comic strips of cartoonist Denis Thomopoulos. Available for syndication and by subscription.

Online magazine of the cartoon arts, hosted by Daryl Cagle, President of the National Cartoonists Society.

updated daily

Inside the World of Pop Culture Products
Daily coverage of the pop culture products industry, including toys (action figures, models and statues), anime (anime, manga, and Japanese imports), games (collectible card and roleplaying games or ccgs and rpgs), comics (comics and graphic novels), and movie and TV (licensed) merchandise. We feature business news, in-depth analysis, and the Top 10 Cool products in each category for retailers, publishers, manufacturers, distributors. Trade properties we cover include Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men, Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Akira, Lone Wolf and Cub, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Mage Knight, Superman, Spider-man, JLA, Batman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, J.R.R. Tolkien, Sailor Moon, Sandman, Harry Potter. Genres we cover include fantasy, science fiction, horror."

Comprehensive guide to alternative comics.

Small press online newsletter "for people who love comics". In their own words "We promote amateur and professional comic book artwork, storylines, scripts. Interviews and reviews and tons of fan art"!

a new art magazine for a new art movement.

international cartoon and cartoonists,comptetions,links,etc... daily cartoonnews... You can send your cartoons, news about cartoons and the announcements and the results of cartoon contests to this address: ismailkar@ttnet.net.tr or iskocus@yahoo.com You can send your cartoon albums, the albums of the national or international cartoon contests or the exhibitions for announcement to the following address: Karcomics Magazine Cartoons and Humour Magazine Ziyapasa Mahallesi 12 sokak No: 21 01140-Seyhan-Adana/Turkey http://iskoc.8m.com/news.html

A comprehensive blog covering the diverse Kansas City Comix Scene and the Comix artists, writers, and bloggers that thrive there.

The Jack Kirby Collector - comprehensive look at the work of the legendary “King” Kirby

New site devoted to the BEST urban/sci-fi/horror/action comic online...Malignant Strain!

Created by journalists Matt Brady and Michael Doran, Comics Newsarama is a daily updated site featuring the award-winning up-to-the-minute news coverage of Michael Doran's Newsarama, journalist Matt Brady's newsbreaking interviews, analysis and features, the net's most famous comics reviewing duo.

Written by Michael Doran and Matt Brady, Newsarama is the web’s longest running daily comics news site, with interviews, art and features.

A superb new site was launched recently. What follows is an excerpt from their mission statement:

"The critical and analytical literature of comics has always been in drought. On both an academic and journalistic level, there has always been little for the aficionado or casual reader to refer to. Our library shelves are bare.

The Internet has provided us with a new opportunity to build a library of our own, and a literature is at last emerging, but slowly. Several websites have been created in the past few years to offer different perspectives on the industry, be they cultural, political, mainstream or radical; driven by a news, arts or entertainment agenda. Each serves to play its part in expanding the coverage of comics.

Ninth Art is the latest voice to join this estimable chorus. Our aim is not to be first with the news or the big interviews. We make no claim to being a newsmagazine. Rather, Ninth Art is a journal of the medium. It is our aim to create an expanding repository of ideas, analysis and contemporary thought, exploring every aspect of the arts and industry of comics. Ninth Art is a document, and one that will continue to grow every week."

The premiere radio show devoted to the world of comics. WBAI-FM 99.5 New York, NY

The Mission: to promote the reading of comic books, to evaluate their writing and artwork, and to provide feedback to fans and the industry.

Columns, chat rooms, store and book reviews

PopImage is a weekly comics oriented web magazine that provides detailed comics industry coverage, interviews, reviews, and daily updated news.

On line brochure style site for subscriptions to the monthly ProTooner newsletter. Site includes chat area and merchandise sales.

Weekly review, news and commentary. Clear concise reporting.

Every issue of PURE IMAGES features in-depth reporting on comics, music and movies. It always delivers the complete story with rare photos, artwork, and interview material. Great research and writing are what makes PURE IMAGES unique! Comic book format.

Dedicated to Top Cow Comic's Witchblade. Updated monthly, the site includes the latest news, comic previews, a Witchblade comic index and cover gallery, updates on the TV Movie and More!

Zine working towards raising the awareness of women’s influence in the comics industry

Silver Bullet Comics ia an online retailer of comic books, games, toys and pop culture merchandise. The site also offers The Silver Bullet Reporter, a constantly updated publication of comic book news and gossip. Slick site, well presented and useful.

A nifty fan based site - a monthly showcase for artists in the realms of science-fiction, fantasy and comics.

Award winning arts internet magazine. Includes regular off beat and small press comics. Voted as one of the top ten arts resources on the web. Well worth bookmarking.

The Resource Page for S U P E R H E R O N E W S

The Number One E-Mail Based Super Hero News Service since 1998.

Your clipping service for Comicbook News from around the web!

To subscribe, send a blank message to: SuperHeroNews-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Michael Vances weekly review column hosted by Starland.com. The most circulated and longest running comics-review column in America - perhaps the world!

This is the place to look for comics in spanish mainly from the sunny Mexico.

A site devoted to a magazine that celebrates those who READ comics!

TCI Online excerpts essays, articles, and reviews from the PRINT version of The Interpreter. Also portions of exclusive TCI Interviews w/ creators like Jordan Crane, Ted Rall, David Choe, Jesse Reklaw and more. A must-see site for true fans of alternative comics.

Online supplement of The Comics Journal, a magazine that covers the comics medium from an arts-first perspective.

The fanboy's guide to comics, sleaze & stuff! :::Not recommended for the weak bladdered:::

The Launchpad is a free fanzine, designed to promote the work of aspiring comic creators.
Conceived by Joe Quesada and the folks over at the Event comics bulletin board. The editorial focus of the zine is to promote hopeful comic creators who wish to make comic book creation their lives work.

A fan site devoted to japanese manga!

For over a year now every last Wednesday of the month Comix artists & Illustrators from all over Montréal meet to take part in the collaborative narrative art form called a COMIX JAM (also spelled Comic Jam). Much like free jazz or the surrealists Exquisite Corpse the jams provide an opportunity for an artist to flex their creative muscles in ways they otherwise couldn't. Jams sharpen the storytellers mind, hone problem solving skills, refine the imagination and give rise to innovation. The Jams have a long history and tradition in Montréal, going back more than 10 years cartoonists and doodles have been darkening the corners of Cafes, Bars and living rooms, in clumps of three or more, stooping over pages pens in hand. The pages from the monthly jams are available in a monthly zine and online at our site - http://www.grenadinerecords.com/jam or http://montreal.comixjam.org

monthly Jams have also taken root in Ottawa, Toronto, San Francisco & New York.

http://eaosa.ottawa.com/events/events.html http://www.torontocomicjam.com/ http://www.houseoftwelve.com/jam/

Mainstream comics galore

An online community hosted by comic book writer/columnist Tony Isabella and featuring chat rooms and Tony's Online Tips.

Resource for buying and enjoying Fanzines.


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