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Professional and fan based...includes funding! Professional Guilds and fandom based organizations. Includes comics funding and grantmaking opportunities.

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National service organization that supports the field of artists communities and residency programs

The American Animation Institute was founded in 1980 by the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists and Affiliated Optical Electronic and Graphic Arts, Local 839 IATSE, to further the art of the animated cartoon in the United States through educational and other activities.

See also the Centro Nazionale del Fumetto in Turin, Italy. Site is in both Italian and English

Artwatch international is an organization that monitoirs the treatment of art works worldwide.

The Need for Artwatch

We believe there is a quality, a component, an aura, unique to works of art which sets them apart from other human endeavors, even closely related ones. It is our fear that this quality is particularly endangered in modern times. Those responsible for custodianship of our collective inherited imagery should be held accountable for decisions regarding the well being of works of art. We are calling for a full disclosure of information regarding specific art conservation projects, methods and historical research. We believe that, had there been a free exchange of points of view and data, many headline-gathering interventions would have been dropped altogether in favor of minimal dustings and careful maintenance procedures. Through the efforts of ArtWatch, a dialogue concerning restoration and conservation has begun, a dialogue which we hope will prevent further tragedies involving our cultural heritage.

Professional Cartoonists Association

An employee-based trade association dedicated to increasing the presence, and supporting the efforts of African Heritage women and men in the publishing industry.

The Swann Foundation awards one fellowship annually to assist ongoing scholarly research and writing projects in the field of caricature and cartoon.

Thanks to the Institutions which met in Angoulême from 20 to 22 novembre 1998 at the First International Convention of Cartoon and Comics Museums, a project may start to unite them all in a bigger Institution to promote the understanding and appreciation of cartoon art.

Cartoonet provides a service for media professionals looking for freelance artists, and offers illustrators, cartoonists and animators a platform on which to showcase their work.
The site has an international outlook, and reflects the new way artists are operating - working with clients on jobs entirely through email,sometimes with continents between them.

The Cartoon Web was founded by Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate (CWS), a division of CartoonArts International. CWS was founded in 1978 by Jerry Robinson, prize-winning cartoonist, comics historian and pioneer Batman artist who created the archvillian the Joker.
The CartoonWeb Archive, the largest cartoon & graphics archive available to the media, fulfills requests for political and humor cartoons, caricatures, and illustrations on any subject. Selections can be sent by fax or e-mail the same day.

non profit organization founded byPhil Yeh, dedicated to promoting literacy through comics and cartooning.

Welcome to the Comic Art Preservation Society. First established in 1996 as the Comic, Cartoon and Sequential Art Preservation Society of Western New York, we've since shortened our name and gained an acronym (CAPS).

While we're still figuring out what we are and what we want to become, our main mission has always been clear: We are dedicated to the collection, preservation, study, interpretation, and presentation of fine comic, cartoon, and sequential art.

Defending First Amendment Rights in the Comics Community

The CCN was founded in 2002 as a support network for writers, artists, designers, publishers, critics and others in the comic book industry with the intention of assisting members in the creation, publication, improvement and dissemination of their art.

Though the CCN generally focuses on those living in the Kansas City metro area, there are members as far away as Pennsylvania and Washington.

Kansas City members meet constantly throughout the month to discuss issues such as printing and publication, travel, and community outreach, as well as to support each other's projects. This is done through a number of monthly events such as Writer's Workshops and Sketchbook Parties, as well as periodically recurring events such as our 24-Hour Comic Jam. Out of town members are known to drive to KC just to participate!

We also participate in publishing endeavors such as a twice-yearly anthology and a monthly newsletter.

Many of the members are in the small press circuit, with work either self-published or produced by such publishers as Digital Webbing Presents and Image Comics.

Our mission is to create and promote comic art with an emphasis on small press and independent work. A secondary goal is to educate the public about the comic book process and encourage growth of the art form.

Database of comics supporters

non profit organization created by Kalamazoo City Comics Commission.

Non-profit organization created to provide users with lawful means of making copies

Represents creators specializing in comics, animation, writing, graphic design, illustration, sculpting and modeling.

The Fondation Tanagra is a non-profit cultural organisation which has a number of cultural goals. The first is to support the arts and culture with multi-fold exhibits concerning fine art, decorative art, high fashion and costume jewellery, popular culture, action figures and dolls, photography and mostly contemporary art.

Featured currently are artists Jean Marc Dallénegra and Eve Plumb, former star of the BRADY BUNCH television sitcom of the 1970s.

The Fondation Tanagra supports new and contemporary artists with exhibitions both "real" and virtual.

The Fondation Tanagra also has an extensive collection of the creations of artist BillyBoy* - notably his controversial MDVANII doll.

National nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry.

ANAFI is an Italian club founded in 1969 for Friends of Comics. Quarterly they print FUMETTO Magazine in an oversized format. FUMETTO features information, news and criticism of comics around the world.

The Fund for Women Artists is a non-profit corporation based in Western Massachusetts, which provides grant-writing and other management services to women in the arts. The organization's two main goals are to increase the diversity of women's images in theatre, film, and television and to increase women's employment in the arts.
A recent grant from the Xeric Foundation has allowed the fund to provide assistance to female cartoonists.

The goal: To index every type of comic book, ever made, from all over the world. The most comprehensive online site of its type. Extensive email chat lists discussion all levels of comic history.

Community Art Instruction for All Ages - based in the Museums home town of Northampton, Massachusetts.

A fan page for Heavy Metal Magazine and the world of Heavy Metal. Information on everything in the Heavy Metal Magazine realm including the movies, music, toys, etc. Also includes up to date news on Heavy Metal.

A group of independent creators, banding together to exchange ideas, marketing strategies, and promotional concepts.

Announcing Washington, DC’s 7th Annual


SEPTEMBER 5-7, 2002

(9am-9pm daily)

Sept. 5 – Intercultural Center (ICC), Georgetown University

Sept. 6 & 7 – The Holiday Inn Select, Bethesda, Maryland (in conjunction with SPX 2002)


WHAT IS ICAF? A symposium on comic art, hosted partly by the Georgetown University Department of French and partly by SPX 2002, with support from embassies and cultural organizations in the Washington, DC area and worldwide. ICAF was launched in 1995.

WHAT GOES ON AT ICAF? A diverse program of events, including lectures, talks by distinguished artists, roundtables, and social gatherings. All ICAF events are related to the history, aesthetics, and critical reception of comic art.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND ICAF? Anyone interested in comics. ICAF events are free and open to the public.

IS ICAF A COMIC BOOK CONVENTION? No, though part of it takes place at one (SPX - see below). Noncommercial in character, ICAF is unique in its dedication to bringing together scholars, comics creators and fans from around the world.

WHAT GUESTS ARE ON TAP FOR ICAF 2002? Besides our usual full docket of academic presenters, this year’s invited guests include: artists Thomas Ott (Switzerland), Willem (Netherlands/France), Blutch (France) and Ulf K (Germany); featured scholars Roger Sabin (U.K.), Sabine Witkowski (Switzerland) and John Lent (USA); and a panel of up-and-coming American talents. (All guest commitments are tentative as of this writing.)

WHAT IS SPX 2002? America's foremost convention for independent comics. Artists and publishers exhibit at SPX and often take part in ICAF events. (Though ICAF itself is free, there is a small entrance fee for SPX.) For more on SPX, visit .

Komikwerks is a comic publisher dedicated to publishing high-quality, professional level, creator-owned comics. Komikwerks was created to fill a void of venues for talented creators to publish their own work without editorial and business mandates dictating their creativity. Komikwerks gives these a creators a home for their work in an inexpensive, world-reaching venue: the internet. The Komikwerks website it updated weekly, and will continue to grow into other print and electronic media, all the while proliferating comics as a creator-driven artform around the world.

Established in accordance with the wishes of the artist and his immediate family, the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation has recently been granted tax-exempt status as a private operating [non-grant giving] foundation. From offices near the former Greenwich Village studio of the artist, the Foundation aspires to encourage and support the broader understanding and sharing of the art of Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) and the contemporary art and artists of his time.

Full-time general management consulting firm to specialize in the North American comics industry, and can help you reach your professional goals through consulting, information services or our ordering and inventory control software specifically developed for comics retailers.

The Mission: to promote the reading of comic books, to evaluate their writing and artwork, and to provide feedback to fans and the industry.

Original Comic Art Collector club is a free club / MSN community for collectors to showcase their collection, sound off on art topics on the message board, find links to art dealers, artists sites, and other comic related links.

Home page of Phoenix Amateur Press Association, a feedback forum for upcoming writers and artists.

Non profit organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for artists and writers in the comics industry.

Site is designed and maintained by Daryl Cagle, President of the National Cartoonists Society.

A nonprofit institution dedicated to independent publishing. The center sponsors book fairs and workshops.

On line home of the New Yorker cartoons - available for sale

The Comix Cooperative was formed to band together creators in the Comic Book Community so that readers may benefit from the wide array of talent working within our industry today!

The goal of the Long Box Project (The Long Box) is to index and chronicle all comic books (mainstream, underground, independent, and/or self-published) that have ever been published. The primary focus is the indexing of Modern Age comics with a secondary goal of chronicling comics throughout the ages.

A site dedicated to information about gay comics, gay characters and real-life gay people - FOR gay readers.

Online forum for Comic and Fantasy Artists and Writers.

Designed for students in grades 1-6. A great little site for playing games while practicing valuable elementary skills. Lots of demo games available. Low annual fee for membership.

Art Search Engine. Specializing in Brazilian sites, creators and organizations, though offers super world wide sites too.

non-profit organization established in 1994

The Foundation offers financial assistance to fully committed, self- publishing comic book creators and qualified charitable and nonprofit organizations.


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