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Everything you wanted to know about comics from the Pacific Rim

Australia's best known site dedicated to the promotion of comic books and pop culture. Interviews, reviews and news!

Online retailer of anime and manga, based in Melbourne,Australia.

super resources with links to self published creators homepages.

My name is David Guivant, Graphic designer and illustrator in Brisbane, Australia. I specialize in posters, covers, postcards and trading cards.

Warm & crunchy.

The official website of Eddie Campbell. Writer/artist of Eddie Campbell's Bacchus and artist for From Hell, written by Alan Moore.
This site is well worth a visit!!!

Website of Australian comic creator Gary Chaloner. Featuring the online adventure RED KELSO, artwork, covers and special features including a section on MORTON STONE: UNDERTAKER and information on CYCLONE COMICS.

Comic-Fest! is an annual convention held in Sydney, Australia. All the info you need is found right here - about what's happening and who the guests are.

everything you wanted to know about comics in Australia, terrific links pages for all sorts of wonderful small press comics and zines.

Taiwan based publishing group.

Topical humor with Harold and his friends

Publishers of 'Eschaton', 'Tales of Stranggore' and 'Dogs'. The site features the latest information on all titles, as well as details on how to order.

Welcome to GEORGE PANTELA Investment Collectables (www.gpcollectables.com). Buying and selling investment items since 1983, GP Investment Collectables has built a reputation on providing customers with the finest in comics, animation and other collectables.

The world's original hippo detective makes his web debut at last! This site is a must for comic fans who like colour strips, saucy pinups and corny gags!!

The new official online home of Hairbutt The Hippo Private Eye, created by Jason Paulos & Bodine Amerikah in 1989.

Featuring a twice weekly cartoon, cartoon archives, book details, and other art work, there's plenty to see and you can order, or even commission, an original of your own.

Australian Surrealist painter

A huge multi fan site, covers mostly female anime/manga,videogame,scifi,comic fan art (marvel image etc..) and more!

neologik productions is a new publisher of cutting-edge, creator-owned comics.

Welcome to the Funtime Comics collection of information and links regarding the New Zealand comics scene. Our aim is to make people more aware of the diverse and creative activities of those New Zealanders who use comic medium to get their ideas out to the public. Have a look round and be sure to track some local comic creations down.

Welcome to the home of Outré Gallery and Outré Gallery Press. Outré Gallery specializes in all sorts of unusual and weird art (originals and prints) - Underground/Alternative, Fantastique, Lowbrow, Comic, Hot Rod, Dark/Macabre and beyond. Some of the artists we carry include H.R. Giger, Robert Williams, Coop, Shag, Todd Schorr, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Mark Ryden, Van, Larry Wessel, The Pizz, Niagara, Alberto Vargas, Frank Kozik, Dave Burke, Tom McKee, Jeremy Geddes, Damian Michaels, Charles Schneider, Stephen Kasner, De Es, Beksinki, Jacek Yerka and many more!

Home of great shopping and comics in Australia.

Australian online retailer.

Rael, by DCS Design is the online comic for those not afraid to enter the darkness.

Australia's Leading Caricaturist

Tony Rafty is an internationally acclaimed caricaturist who has devoted his life to sketching and drawing famous people from around the world. Tony has had an extremely fortunate career meeting with world leaders, golfing greats, Hollywood celebrities, Olympic medallists, astronauts, entertainers and boxing champions. "It has been a great honour to sketch such a diverse range of people and have them approve of my work by signing their name."

Hong Kong publisher and distributor.

This is THE resource site listing of available New Zealand comic creators and related activities to do with comics sites. Also thrown in is an original art gallery of mine.

Single panel cartoons by Australian cartoonist Terry Sedgwick.

Siberian Productions is a Sydney based indie comic publisher, organised by Hayden Fryer the team have produced as to date the "Billy: Demon Slayer" series (5 Issues) and the one-shot "classical horror" story "Full Moon" and the online serial "FORCES" as well as the now defunct "Less Then Sane" series.

A guide to Australian comics and zines

Story of a far away moon.100s of pics,all orignal and free to look at, Nothing to buy here!

Rare Books houses a collection of comic books, fanzines, paper collectibles and science fiction

Xuan Xuan is a tri-annual manga anthology that features manga by Australian artists and writers, and this site features sample pages, submissions guidelines, online tutorials and much more.


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