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Online collections, centers of study, scholarly conferences, discussions and libraries. University campuses and libraries around the globe hold many of the most important collections of comic books, and original sequential artwork. Increasingly they are offering opportunities to study the comic genre and academic conferences.


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Academic Conferences

Offers Batchelor of Fine Arts in Animation

Offers Media Studies including animation

small part of a comprehensive site for scholarly discussion

Dedicated to aspiring cartoonists who are dedicated to becoming professionals in cartooning, comic book, and the general field of commercial art. Also offers correspondence courses

Offers Batchelor of Fine Arts (4 years) in Comics & Cartooning and also in Animation

Offers BFA programs in both New York and Paris

BFA in Film/Animation/Video

BFA in Computer Animation and Illustration

Offers Batchelor of Fine Arts in Comics, Animation, Advertising, Graphic Design

Information about the Centre, its collection of over 80,000 original pieces of cartoon, caricature and strip art, publications etc for sale, searchable database of over 30,000 detailed records of cartoons published in the British press since 1904. Also details research programme, available for UK candidates only.


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